WAEC Agric Questions and Answers 2022 (100% Verified) Theory & Obj Expo Answers

WAEC Agric Questions and Answers 2022  is now release for the May/June 2022.  WAEC Agricultural science Theory and Objective Answers (100%legit) Agric 2 Essay verified Free  (Expo) for West African Examinations Council. WAEC Agric Questions For you to have good WAEC result in  Agric as well as repeated questions for free in this post. You will also understand how WAEC Agric questions are set and how to answer them. The West African Examinations Council is an examination board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally

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WAEC Agric Questions and Answers 2022

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(i) To safeguard farmers against unreasonable eviction
(ii) To ensure that agricultural land is not unnecessarily diverted to non-agricultural purposes
(iii) To make large tracts of land available for government-sponsored development of large scale farms
(iv) To carry out large scale improvement such as irrigation, drainage and soil water conservation

Mechanical power

(i) It can handle more areas per unit of time
(ii) It works faster and more efficient
(iii) It can perform a wide range of operation
(iv) It reduces cost of labor and total cost of production

(i) Seed tube: They conduct seeds from feed cups to the furrow lines
(ii) Furrow opener: It creates a well-defined groove in the soil where the seed can be placed at the proper depth
(iii) Hopper: holds particulate matter or flow-able material of any sort
(iv) Seed metering device: to collect seed in a singular or group fashion
(v) Furrow wheel: To stabilize the plough and take side thrust

(i) Plough
(ii) Cultivator
(iii) Harrow

(i) Monocropping: The practice of growing a single crop year after year on the same land.

(ii) Mixed cropping: It involves the growing of two or more species or cultivars of the same species simultaneously in the same field.

(iii) Mixed farming: It is a type of farming which involves both the growing of crops and the raising of livestock.

(iv) Crop rotation: the practice of growing a series of different types of crops in the same area across a sequence of growing seasons.

Phosphorus deficiency

(i) Anhydrous ammonia
(ii) Ammonium sulfate
(iii) Superphosphate
(iv) Urea-ammonium nitrate

(i) Wax
(ii) Propolis
(iii) Old brood comb
(iv) Pheromones
(v) Essential oil
(v) Lemongrass oil

Balanced Diet: is a diet containing all the six food classes/types of food in the right proportion to meet the body’s requirement for growth, repair and maintenance.

Maintenance ration is given to farm animals just sufficient/enough to maintain/sustain the basic/basal metabolic functions of the body.

Production ration is given to farm animals to enable them produce either egg, meat, milk, offspring, hair/fur/wool/work.

Malnutrition is a condition which results when an animal is fed on a diet which is deficient in quantity and quality of the essential nutrients in the right proportion.

(i) Slow or retarded growth
(ii) Loss of weight/emaciation.
(iii) Low production/ reduced egg laying in birds/decrease in milk production in cow, etc.
(iv) High mortality rate in young animals.
(v) High susceptibility to disease attack.
(vi) Physical deformities such as rickets, osteomalacia, etc.
(vii) Retarded growth

(i) Nursery is done on ground, beds or seed boxes and trays with top soil mixed and sterilise
(ii) Seeds are sown in drills 5cm apart and 2.5cm deep.
(iii) Shading, weeding, watering and mulching are done regularly.
(iv) Transplanting is done when seedlings are 3 weeks old on Nursery

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(i) =CROP=

Allium cepa

Spice Crop

Vegetative propagation

(ii) =CROP=

Zingiber Officinale

Spice Crop


(iii) =CROP=

Corchorus Olitorius

Latex Crop


Total area = 36Ă—10
= 360mÂł
Space = 0.36mÂł
Number of broiler = Total area/Space
= 360/0.36
= 1000

(i) It increases the nutrient level of the soil
(ii) It ensures balsnced ration for livestocks while grazing
(iii) It reduces cost of feeding livestocks
(v) It reduces the attack of pests

(i) Storage pests: During storage, pests can infest crops if storage is not properly done.
(ii) Moisture: Maize can be destroyed if water finds its way into the maize grains.
(iii) Temperature: Maize will be destroyed during storage if temperature is not adequate
(iv) Poor aeration: When Maize grains during storage do not have access to moderate aeration, they can be damaged.


Mendel’s first law states that genes are present in pairs in non-reproductive cells so that each gamete contains only one contrasting factor. [SEGREGATION]

Mendel’s second law states that when more than one pair of factors are considered, each pair segregates independently of every other pair.[INDEPENDENT ASSORTMENT]

(i) Alfalfa
(ii) Andropogon
(iii) Sorghum
(iv) Panicum
(v) Pennisetum
(vi) Axonopus

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