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NL LIST!!! Top 10 2020 Lyrics That Eventually Turn To Slangs On The Street – Which Is Your Best Slang?

It has always been a norm of converting Nigerian music lyrics to slang on the street in recent time or musician jumping on slangs to create a song.

We enjoyed quite a number of the good song this year (2020) with a well notable and essential lyrics that became on Lamba/slang on the street.

I took a thorough run across many songs that were released this year and some lyrics copped out of it became a Street Lamba.

Below are the 10 Lyrically coined Slangs;

1. “Ko Por Ke (KPK)” – Mohbad In “KPK

Talo so pe Ko Por Ke? Mohbad chant with a high pitch on his recently released song with Rexxie titled “KPK”

“KPK” is a slang that is used to hail someone of a high standard on the Street, from it many other O Por slang was birthed; like OPP, OPG e.t.c.

KPK recently became a widely accepted Street slang in last quarter of 2020, and it was anthemized by Mohbad with his KPK song.

2. “Na The Matter we dey try Settle” – Zlatan In “The Matter

“Matter yen long gan – Na hin we still dey settle since” is a slang that is mainly used to explain the weight of any problem you’re in.

It became a well-known slang when Zlatan made a song with titled “The Matter” off his EP tagged “Road2CDK”

3. “Soro Soke Werey” – Small Doctor In “Soro Soke

This is unarguably the most used slang on the street this year, 2020 – With the effect of the #EndSARS protest Soro Soke cut across all calibre of people in Nigeria.

Small Doctor didn’t gawk himself as he jumps on the trending slang “Soro Soke” and he took the glory with a jammy song titled “Soro Soke”

4. “Kala Kan lo Je, Ookuni” – Yung Fela 2 In “Ookuni

From a freestyle made for his Secondary school, AGS colleague to a generally accepted slang on the street, with that Yung Fela 2 gained momentum in 2020.

“Kala kan lo je” “Ookuni” “Nigga mind your speech” were all slangs that was spawned out from Yung Fela freestyle that was made jokingly with the “Ah Beat”

Kala Kan Lo Je has now become a slang to issue out a warning to any prospective intruder – just tell the person Kala kan lo je meaning na One Bullet you go chop.

You don’t necessarily need to have an actual gun before you can use the slang.

5. “Jeun Ko To Gbe” – CBlvck in “All The Best

An advisory slang that every streetizens adhered strictly to this year was the CBlvck made up lamba “Jeun Ko to Gbe” meaning “Eat before you carry it”

Since the “Say No To Drug” phrase doesn’t really hold water again in the society of today, CBlvck look for another way round to minimize the effect of heard drugs on users.

It’s mostly believed that when you have something in your stomach before taking a drug, there’s a high chance of you being able to fight the intoxicating effect of the drug later on.

6. Enu Gbe – Dotman In “Enu Gbe

“Igba tenu gbe, igba ta ori ikan je” was a line spawned out Dotman’s lyrics in his highly accepted song titled “Enu Gbe”

“Enu Gbe” literally means “Mouth Is Dry” but in-depthly means “I’m Broke” – So during the first quarter of 2020, Enu Gbe became a well Known slang everyone use to describe their financial status.

Especially during that Corona period, Enu was indeed Gbe.

7. “Geng” – Mayorkun In “Geng

“That’s my Geng” became a well-used street slang that was applicable to the posh world and the Girans in Nigeria.

All caption on social media for a group pictures during the mid-year was inspired by Mayorkun’s lyrics on “Geng”.

Mayorkun definitely had one for the street with “Geng”

8. Of Lay Lay – Jamopyper In “Of Lala

“Of Lay lay” is like the suffix you’re qualified to add to your name whenever you achieved a new milestone in anything.

When the ZANKU act, Jamopyper popularized the slang in a Rahman Jago owned song titled “Of Lala” then it became a suffix everybody added to their name “Adioh Of Lay Lay” 😃

It’s like a Chieftancy title if you have the suffix “Of Lay Lay” added to your name, and it was then used by people that want to beg you for money to make you head swell small.

9. “44-4 – Mofoti” – Naira Marley in “Mofoti

“Mofoti” is like the local synonym of “No Shaking” – It’s mostly used to express confidence in a hard situation.

Naira Marley reshaped his 2019 slang “Mafo” to a new one ” Mofoti” in 2020. He contributed to a song by Baddy Osha titled “44-4” and then made the slang widely known.

2020 has been hard O, but, MOFOTI.

10. “Woro Si Woro” – Q2 in “Woro

“Odi Woro si Woro” is used to explain that there was a problem, or there is going to be a problem. “If dem catch O di Woro Si Woro niyen  O”

Q2 has consistently been a curator of street lamba for years, in 2018 the came up with “Come Online” and now we have “Woro Si Woro”

It was an actual popular street lamba, that even the African Giant had to use it on the Remix of Master KG Jerusalema.

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