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NL LIST!! 3 Hit Remixes Davido Smashed In 2020 – Which Is The Biggest?

When a track finds its way into the heart of music lovers and they can’t seem to get enough of it, a remix comes to mind to give it a new spice.

The Oliver Twist acceptance such a song gets will not make anybody say No to a remix. It only matters who’s jumping on the track and the difference the singer is going to make.

This is also a tricky situation that bears so much expectation and disappointment if things go South.

It may not be as bad as said if the remix doesn’t eventually bang, the dissatisfied feeling only lasts a short while and the gaze is refixed on the original song.

Sticking to the brighter side where expectations are met and even gone beyond, the original song will not only retain its potency, it will become an anthem and the spicy remix will be handy to fulfill the purpose of a different feeling.

Imagine how much wonder a single song is capable of doing.

Another huge possibility is a song having multiple remixes when more than one artist voluntarily jumps on it. (We will come back to this sometime.)

2020 cannot be overemphasized as a year with the most music releases because we had all the time in the Corona world to consume them all.

Who would have imagined a year without big performances yet every song was welcomed as well as the remixes?

Moving on to the mind-blowing remixes of 2020, superstar Davido’s name will pop up on these 3 smashing hit singles:-

1. Olakira ft Davido – In My Maserati Remix

Davido Remixes

The original make of this track was released in the early days of summer with the potentials of lasting us a long while.

We received it with our whole arms wide as it made the top on our playlist. There was more than enough space for the track to thrive without competing with any other banging single.

By the end of summer, Olakira decided to treat us to a spicy remix of ‘In My Maserati’ with a very little warning of Davido’s big appearance on it.

The delivery of Davido’s verse on this remix had the most magical effect any track can boast of. You would wonder how a single verse can transform a whole song.

It was all in the hands of the right energy; no other singer would have given that song this much vibration it has.

This is the point where you will realize that it takes more than laying voice on a track to have a remix, the synergy between Olakira and Davido was the perfect ingredient needed for a spicy remix as we have it.

This goes on to show many possibilities of collaboration between the two of them in the future.

Then we can go on to talk about the numbers ‘In My Maserati’ has amassed. Bro, it goes beyond a mere feature. The impact is deep!

Listen Below:-


2. Ajebo Hustlers ft Davido – Barawo Remix

Davido Remixes

The original version of Barawo can be said as a piece of underground music that had the tendencies to boom but nobody could have suggested that a remix will change its fate.

The timing was another factor that favored the track. The remix was released just in time when Davido got involved with the #EndSARS protest in Abuja.

The content of the song was already set in tune with the whole chaos going on.

What Davido did on the remix of Barawo was to make it a protest anthem. We need to ask him how he did that?

Listen Below:-


3. Cheque Ft Davido, Wale – Zoom Remix

Davido Remixes

Zoom by Cheque has been a viral hit for several months, it’s been the theme song for moving past any form of negativity so you can imagine how smoking hot it’s been on our playlists.

We were almost contented with the vibe we were getting from the track till the recent hint of a possible remix.

Davido’s smooth trap lines on this track was a flavour we wouldn’t have liked to miss out.

It’s been less than 24 hours since the song dropped, we will be here for the scores of OBO’s effects on it.


Let’s hear from you?👇

Smash Or Pass, Which Of These Remixes Do You Think Davido Nailed The Most?

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