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NL LESSON!! What Can You Learn From Burna Boy’s Music Career In 2020?

Burna Boy‘s career in the year 2020 is a defination of the fact that success is very intentional.

As an artiste, your mindset should always be bent on succeeding in your music career and nothing more. Whatever you have to do to get to the top, just do it no matter what.

In 2019, Burna Boy ended on a very good note after bagging a Grammy Award with his African Giant album and scoring hits with most of his singles that year.

At this point, you’d see Burna Boy coming to assert the fact that he is the best after Fela. Regardless of what anyone think of your music craft, what is most important is what you think of yourself and of course this formular is paying off for him.

In the year 2020, despite how rough the year was, Burna Boy who believed so much in his talent got hell bent on working hard and pursing his dream of winning Grammy after he failed in the first attempt.

His second shot at Grammy Awards in 2020 with “Twice As Tall” witnessed a whole lot of changes when compared to the process of cooking “African Giant“.

The Choice Of P.Diddy As Executive Producer Of The Album

This also boils down to doing what you needed to do to achieve what you want to achieve.

On Twice As Tall Album, Burna Boy benched his mum for P.Diddy to play the role of Executive producer of the album and most of the time he is always with him on video call so he can witness the process and adjust where necessary.

Burna Boy knew P.Diddy has better experience of the Grammy Awards than anyone on his team and he did all he could to involve him in the production process of the album.

As an upcoming artiste, if you feel someone on your team is not doing enough or not good enough to help you achieve your career goal, forget emotions and bench that person for someone else you believe could do the job better.

Invest In Promotion As Much As You Can

After the release of the album, Burna Boy and his team followed up with proper promotional strategies in Africa and all around Europe.

Infact, the album topped so many music charts around the world for a long time and got a lot of positive reviews.

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Brand Yourself

Burna Boy succeeded in branding himself as African Giant in the year 2020.

Branding is how you want music lovers home and abroad to perceive you as an artiste.

In a bid to position himself as Africa’s most sought after artiste, Burna Boy makes music to portray things that go on in Africa and also showcase African Culture.

His music videos like “Monsters Are Made“, “Wonderful” and “Odogwu” are all made bearing in mind Burna Boy’s Africanized branding.

Do you want to be perceived as street king, Lavish Money Man, Ladies man or motivational singer as an artiste?

If yes, you need to start doing things musically around the brand image you want for yourself.

This will in no distant time make you stand out from other artistes in the music industry.

The End!!

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What Can You Learn From Burna Boy’s Music Career In 2020?

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Posted by on January 3, 2021.

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