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Movies Enhance Cognitive Fluency

Drops of tears rolling from your eyes or spontaneous, innocent laughter both express your emotion, but many prefer the latter as it is more comforting.

A smile on your face can boost the immunity system and reduces stress to a significant level. The University of Maryland studied the effects of comedy on the human mind.

The amusement experienced by the viewers, while watching a hilarious movie enlarges blood vessels by 22%, lowering blood pressure and stress level.

Tragic movies also affect the human mind; the pain experienced by the brain releases endorphins. This hormone increases pain tolerance and ironically gives you a feel-good factor.

Movies undoubtedly impact the human brain, to the extent that some contemporary psychologists prescribe watching movies to vent reserved emotions.

Psychologists suggest the film which reflects your current qualms and fears can transform your perspective and give glimpse how to deal and solve the problems.
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Makes You A Better And Smarter Person

When you watch a movie for the second time, it is more relaxing, as the brain remembers it and the processing and predictability become easier. Simple thing can be magical and fulfilling as they are predictable, accessible and serve as build blocks.

To understand simple things is easy as the brain does not have to work hard. When you watch a film for the second time, you get a nostalgic feeling. A myth associated with nostalgia is closely related to downhearted and pensiveness, but research suggests it promote a positive mindset and enhance self-esteem.

Mundane life can be listless and tiring, but when you look back the path you already paved, stimulates the sense of optimism and self-confidence. Whether you notice it or not movies leave an impact on your mind, maybe an insignificant one.

An exciting documentary or a film on historical facts provide you with a lot of information, keeps you updated with current affairs of the world.

Audiovisual media impacts the human brain more profoundly than a mere book. Movies can make you a more emotionally mature person more concern about the environment and humanity.

A well-directed, content movie gives you a better understanding of varied hopes, desire, dreams and apprehensions. It opens new ways of looking and understanding things; it generates more empathy and compassion about fellow beings.

You become more compassionate and sensitive to issues and peoples, which you may have ignored.

In Your World

No matter what you do, wherever you inhabit, sometimes you need to go into your hermitage away from the habitual, tedious daily routine.

To escape in the dream world, a classic romantic movie, where two lovers can sacrifice anything for the wellbeing of the other is a perfect gateway.

Visuals can stimulate a range of emotions, which you may not have experienced. Cinemas can provide a topic to break the ice with a stranger. It is always a better topic than controversial politics or sports, where the opinions are divided.

Cinema cultivates your imagination, as you come to know about various cultures and lifestyles.

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