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LET’S HELP THIS YOUNG MAN! “I’m Depressed Because She Broke My Heart” — What Should I Do?

A young man is depressed after being heartbroken. He needs our advice. What should he do to get back from this emotional turmoil?

Good Evening Everyone,

A naijaloadite reaches out to me two days ago for help. He’s depressed and his heart in turmoil just because his girlfriend said she’s no longer interested. Here’s his story:

“My girlfriend and I have known each other for a year now. We started dating late December and it’s been a smooth journey since then. She stays in Ibadan while I’m hustling it out here in Nigeria”.

We started dating in school. But to this CoronaVirus pandemic, school closed and we had to head home. And it’s been tough since then. We occasionally have fights on and off. We would argue today. One time, she will cry and said she’s not doing again just because I’m not giving her enough time when we chat.

I’m into forex and sometimes it’s always hard to say you want to chat when you could be making money”

We will reconcile and make up after our arguments. I’ll have to write a long letter expressing my love for her and how much I want her back.

This went on for a while. The fights and reconciliation was a weekly thing. All of a sudden, this week, she said she wasn’t interested again. She told me point blank that I’ve been causing her pain ever since the relationship started. That I’m not always there for her. She said she has to move on because can’t be complaining every time.

Bro, I’ve been depressed ever since. She has blocked me on WhatsApp and her phone is no longer reachable. I don’t even know what to do again. It’s like everything in me has died. I’m confused. I’m sad. And my days are no longer productive.

I sleep in tears and wake up in grief. In sorrow. In pain. I can no longer bear this. Please help me.

Guys, What Should He Do?

What’s Your Advice To Him?

Drop your advice in the comment box

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Posted by on July 19, 2020.

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