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How Do I Ask Her To Leave, Please Help!

Hello beloveths, please I will be very brief and straight to the point on this one.

There’s this girl I started dating around August 30th last year, it was a distance relationship, we got along so well on phone, she appeared different, smart, brilliant, industrious and what have you when it comes to what a virtuous woman and one that knows what she wants at that. I totally thought she was the one for me, little did I know she’s just the regular average girl hovering around pretentiously looking for whom to leech on.

Fast-forward July this year, she relocated to my place with the hope of staying with me, I did it on purpose, so I can watch her closely, and we can plan on settling down because I planned on concluding the marital necessities with her by December.

When she came to stay with me, I noticed she was just the opposite of all she claimed to be while we spoke on phone, she played me, she gets Violently angered at every provocation and ready to fight, she just sleeps, eats, watches TV and spend all her life on social media (Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp).

she has absolutely nothing to offer- not in any way to my life. I’ve already called the marriage quit in my head. She has anger issues, always feel attacked and ready for a fight….

I have tried to change her, even took her to a therapist, but all to no avail, settling down with her would definitely end in doom.

Long story short, inasmuch as not to waste each other’s time, please house, how do I make her leave my house.

I’m currently staying in Lagos, she came from Asaba to come live with me and this is her first time in Lagos, and she’s not ready to leave, to her she’s already my wife and not ready to go anywhere, I’ve tried to talk about her leaving, but she literally refused to say she can’t just go back and that she gave up a lot to come stay with me( I really wonder what she gave up) I’ve stopped touching her long ago.

More so, the girl in question is dangerous, revengeful and very tricky (claiming to be smart), she once told me she’s trying to figure out how to hurt her ex because he double-dated, which made her to leave.

The case now made me understand sense needs to be applied so well while dealing with her. She always say she can never allow me to leave her, not while she’s alive…

House, please help me in the best strategy to make her leave my house without any violence or bad energy before the end of next month.

I just can’t contain her any more.

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Posted by on September 28, 2020.

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