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FUNNY! Lady Recounts How She Almost Died After Eating A Weed Induced Brownie

A lady took to her social media page to recount how she almost died after eating a weed induced brownie at a birthday party she attended.

She wrote:-

So I took brownies yesterday and and I’m never taking it again but first, let me tell you my’s a thread!!!!

So.. yesterday..I went to wuye .for a friend’s mini birthday party at her there..had Jameson mixed with coke.. haven’t drank in awhile cos..ulcer..

My sister in-law was like..oh you cant drink..I’m like..I know il just drink small she said ok..started fried rice and jollof rice showed… ate it

Then brownies bros was like ..wait there’s Igbo oo..I’m like Igbo ke? Ah I don’t want o..the sister in-law was like just take .. what’s’s just one piece..I took it

Meanwhile my sister in-law and her friends (all girls) sat down to finish the brownies….hmmmmmm mad o

So I started feeling funny..I told my brother,I’m feeling tipsy.. he said tipsy ke..its Igbo that has started kicking in o…he said just go down stairs to the car..

We entered the elevator to go down it was moving..I knew there was problem..cos I felt like somebody with shinny suit carried me on his hands..I went into the car

Open windows ..he left..I started making videos..I didn’t know why Woozy face I Sha made them .. immediately I laid down…I felt numb..I couldn’t move….

I felt like I was dying..I’m like is this how people die? life flashed before my eyes..I saw myself in my primary school uniform.. something I couldn’t remember on a good day ..I started remembering uneccessary things..

Omo…i jumped up .the next thing I was shouting..was.”the blood of Jesus,the blood of Jesus…I don’t want to die Lord.. please save me Lord..I started walking up and down.. luckily I saw tap .. someone was fetching water

I said I’m dying..the guy shifted in fear..I sat down under the tap..socked..baba just dey look me..I stood up. Called my sister the time she came out..she was like me….oju ti leri

We started bros said ..let’s go home..inside the car nko..ṣee musicians. We begin sing ni sha…got home..I couldn’t lie down…was just pacing ..I felt like if I lay down I will die once. So I was walking up and down tweeting those bullshit

Had a cold bath.managed to lay down…. entered one mad ass trance…. couldn’t sleep straight…then I slept…now I feel better..

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Posted by on July 27, 2020.

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